tweeter upgrade for RTi a5

Picked up a couple of RTi a5 and was wondering if any one has modified these to be more musical. Its a good home theater speaker but I listen to these for music about 30 % of the time and they just sound not good (bad). I think they have plenty of bass and mid bass just way bright and almost unbearable for any amount of time. Love the look and size of the a5 and the price was right so I am hoping to help them out a little. Running them on a yamaha rx a3010 setup. With lsi surrounds and center. I know these cant match up to the lsi but with all the home made speaker combo and tweeters available making an improvement should be possible? I have tried different amps as well with only slight improvement.
ls 50 cls350 ls fx surrounds college 5.1 stereo
lsi 15 lsi 7 x4 lsic x3 lsi fx dolby atmos


  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 4,903
    @F1nut toned his A7s down with a pricy crossover upgrade and MIT cables that probably cost more that the speakers :p. So that’s a possibilty if you wish to invest a substantial amount of coin. Probably cheaper to just sell them and get the LSiM705s on adorama...

    I don’t think changing the tweeter is a good idea. If you don’t like the sound you just need to go backwards to something like the rt55is or sideways to the signatures or up to the LSiMs imho...
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    Agree with rooftop. Since they're "reference theater" RTi then they are voiced to be that way which the others mentioned are not and are more music geared.
  • scmagnerscmagner Posts: 2
    With shipping the 705 are still a little pricey and I do prefer the look of the a5. I will keep my options open and look at tweeters. To me they only need a more refined top end and already have good mids. I will see whats out there and keep you posted.
    ls 50 cls350 ls fx surrounds college 5.1 stereo
    lsi 15 lsi 7 x4 lsic x3 lsi fx dolby atmos
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