Yamaha recievers and NAS....anyone??

Hello all. currently using an Onkyo TXNR 708 in my living room system and while it does a nice job, I am looking at a Yamaha receiver that is in stock at Costco for a change. Model TSR-7850 and am checking to see if anyone here uses a Yamaha receiver to listen to files from their NAS and hear their take on it. I can say, while my Onkyo sees and plays files from my NAS, it is slow n go from a to z at the rate of 10 albums per click. That may be ok for a small library but not ok for me with a massive library. Wondering how quick the Yamaha app allows one to scroll through the files on a NAS??
As far as sound quality goes, I'm sure the newer receivers will be an upgrade no matter which one I change out for. Hope someone here has and uses a Yammi for this. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.THJ
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  • Compared to the Onkyo 717 I had the RXA1010 Yamaha’s UI was very much improved and very responsive navigating files via DLNA.
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