Replacing Rti10 Mid 6.5inch driver with ??

Hi, I'm new to this forum but have been reading on it for the last days. I currently own a pair of Rti10 and have been experiencing some issue with one of the mid 6.5inch driver. Long story short, I've contacted Polk support and it looks like I would need to replace one of the mid 6.5" driver. Good luck finding that part, even more in Canada.

While searching for replacement I've came across a deal where I could get a single Rtia5 cabinet loaded with both mid.

Question: How similar are these Rtia5 mid 6.5" to my actual Rti10 ones (power, freq response, quality, etc.)? My plan would be so swap both Rti10 6.5" by these from the single Rtia5 I would buy. Are there any concern to that?
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