Old Polk Monitor 2 satellites ...

... and matching subwoofer.

I have an old pair of these that still work fine. Anyone know what the nominal impedance of the satellites and sub are, or how I can find out? I picked up an A/V receiver that says use only speakers from 6 ohm to 16 ohm, and am worried these might be 4 ohm.



  • Any chance you could post a pic so we can be sure of the model we are discussing? I would be happy to use all the resources I can muster to answer this for ya.
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  • Thank you very much. I've attached several photos. The satellites are a little over 8 inches tall. The subwoofer is kind of buried, but I got the best photo I can without moving everything. The sub is not powered. It and the satellites connect to the same speaker terminals on the amp as do the satellites, both left and right.y7lbqfmijr8b.jpg
  • After turning the speakers (which I haven't moved in years) to photograph the back, and seeing the M6 designation, I think I've found the information I needed. This appears to be the system I have:


    Thanks again!
  • delkaldelkal Posts: 487
    I see why you were confused. Big Monitor Series 2 then a little M6 that could be part of the serial number. Polk got on the map with their Monitor line of speakers (which started at Monitor 4 AFAIK). Around 1990 they came out with the series 2 models of the Monitor line.

    Despite Polk's marketing I don't consider your speaker a "Monitor series". It is a newer design and while it probably sounds good it is no substitute for the real Monitors.
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