Black Cat Lectraline [silver speaker wire]

2M pair with bananas. Flexible cable and I think it is solid core wire. They are very clean with no fraying. I am the first owner and purchased from the Cable Co for $500.

Asking net total $285 shipped worldwide registered mail from Middle East; can take at least 10 days to USA.

+ reviews here:

I'm moving to longer cable...drop me a PM if interested in these.


For Sale 2019:
Tortuga Audio LDR passive preamp
Decware EL34 amp
Allnic H-1201 phono
Zu Union Cubes
iFi iDSD DAC, .5m UBS, iFI Gemini cable, Oyaide Tunami XLR 1.3M, Oyaide Tunami Speaker wire 1.5M, Beyerdynamic DT1990 headphones, PS Audio P3 power center


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