What to fill audio rack legs with?

Is there an advantage to using one medium over another when it comes to filling the upright tubes of an audio rack? I'm guessing no unless one is considerably cheaper than others? The 2 that come to mind for me are sand and bb's(such as in shotgun shells).
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    My guess is using both would be optimal. The shot will provide mass and the sand will fill the voids thus stabilizing the shot. Just don't use a shotgun to fill you rack with lead, the sand will leak out.
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    Sand.....$5.00 (with a lot left over)
    Lead shot....$50 for a 25 lb bag (and you will probably need more)

    Will you hear a difference?............Doubtful.

    If you do go with lead you don't want to use BBs. Use 9 shot. The small shot they use for skeet shooting.
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    Price aside, when comparing the densities (Kg/cubic meter) of the 2 materials:

    Lead = 11,343
    Sand = 1522

    So lead is nearly 7.5 times heavier than sand! Sure the grain size of the lead shot is bigger, so the pack density of the sand filled tubes would be greater, but in the end you'll get the most mass loading if lead shot is used. FWIW, of course.
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    You'd likely want use a mix of sand and lead shot as filling them completely with shot would be expensive. Also, using all shot would make the rack extremely heavy, maybe too heavy for its own good.
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