Record Store Day today, anyone else??



  • Toolfan66
    Toolfan66 Posts: 14,603
    I wanted Madonna’s Ray of Light as well but they were gone by the time I made it through the crowd, I knew the Type O Negative would go fast as there are only 5000 copy’s made so I hit that first..
  • mhardy6647
    mhardy6647 Posts: 27,371
    Whats a record?

    In total seriousness -- everything about 'Record Store Day' is a massive disincentive to me. :/
    (not that you asked, and sorry to go all Andy Rooney on you...)

  • pitdogg2
    pitdogg2 Posts: 18,575
    edited November 2018
    Wow they really still press 45's ???
    That's just going to blow Jesse's mind, I sure was oblivious to that fact.
    I was aware of the half track 45 speed LP's but the shorties with the big hole bever knew
  • aprazer402
    aprazer402 Posts: 2,334
    I went to Nebr. Furn. Mart this afternoon and bought Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - 180G LP for around $28.00, not a great sale price, but I will compare it with the SACD of the same coming soon.
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