Does anyone have the Thiele/Small parameters for the MM1 6502 woofers?

So i have 2 sets of these in my 2014 GMC Serria , currently on the stock headunit though i will likely run them through a DSP+AMP at some point.

Besides that point, my quest for this information is so that i can design back loaded horn enclosures for the 6.5" woofers to really get everything they have to offer sound wise.

With luck they will be more or less universal so i can share my designs, at worst will just be custom fit for my truck.

Anyways if you happen to know these parameters i could greatly use this information (for the life of me i couldn't find int he included documentation or on their site).

If not, well i'll dig down that Rabbit hole and hopefully figure them out myself, just not looking forward to opening up one of my doors again just to pull the speaker for getting this info. (and buying a few tools i currently do not have to get the measurements necessary).