Onkyo AVR and Audiosource Amp

Onkyo TX-SR 705
130 x 7, beast of an AVR weighing in at 50 lbs. Very nice sounding high current amps that can run pretty warm. Will include a usb/ac powered axial fan. Easily 8/10 condition that includes original box, remote, power cord, set up mic and manual.
$225.00 shipped in CONUS.

Audiosource Amp Four
150 x 2 amplifier that sounds pretty darn good for the money. Very versitile amp that can be bridged to 450w. Other features include, auto on/off, A/B selector, front L/R volume control, torodial trans, detachable pwr cord. Also has cool meters on the front (lights do not work). These are hard to find and are a great way to power larger front L/R speakers in an HT system, taking the strain off the AVR. Dont have original box, but will be packed well and comes with power cord and manual.
$175.00 shipped in CONUS.



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