Enclosure finish?

I have a custom subwoofer enclosure being built and it should be here next week.

1 inch thick baffle with 1/4 inch recess so I flush mount. Sealed single chamber for two 12s. It is made from MDF.

I was thinking either a pressure sensitive vaneer or a paint and lacquer.

Does anyone have experience putting a finish on MDF? Any other suggestions?

These are the drivers that are going in. Any other ideas that would contrast well with the drivers?



  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,379
    Need to seal the mdf first. I'd use a veneer to ensure a clean, even finish.
  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934
    FestYboy wrote: »
    Need to seal the mdf first. I'd use a veneer to ensure a clean, even finish.

    I was thinking this would fit with my room and ad a bit of contrast.

  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,379
    Not bad.
  • verbverb Posts: 5,064
    I’m doing a set of 1C’s in Zebrawood. Very similar!
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  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934
    I like what they did here with the Kappa series cabinet. The person building the box starts on it Tuesday. I'm now trying to decide if I want to do an over/ under taller cabinet or a longer shorter one. y99otmo0m12b.jpg
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,379
    Over-under will allow for easier placement and smaller footprint.
  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934
    Ok. Maybe I'll explore some other options. The company the is building it can do pretty much anything I want.
  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934

    This is behind my seated position couch. 10 inch drivers. Same Infinity CMMD cones.
    I also have not decided if the new sub will be behind the couch like the 10s or if it will be at the front of the room and 180 out of phase. If I do go with behind the couch I may just seal it, spray paint and lacquer it.

    But.... I'm kind of liking the idea of a taller vertical stack.
  • SCompRacerSCompRacer Posts: 7,046
    edited November 2018
    CH46E wrote: »
    FestYboy wrote: »
    Need to seal the mdf first. I'd use a veneer to ensure a clean, even finish.

    I was thinking this would fit with my room and ad a bit of contrast.


    That is nice! Here is another choice, Black Limba. Not as dark but some similarities.

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  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934
    Need some opinions. I have asked for a 3.75 cu ft single chamber sealed box. I figured after woofer displacement it would be around 3 cu ft. So 1.5 per 12 inch sub. I'm second guessing and thinking maybe I should go a little smaller.

    Infinity would not give me the ts parameters.

    What say you?
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,379
    Without TS, it's a guessing game. Best way to get close: find another infinity speaker that uses the same woofer and derive the size from that.
  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934
    Right, they only came in ported enclosures as far as I can tell. As far as I can estimate is the IL60 Interlude had about 4 cu ft ported for the sub. I got lucky with my 10s. Thier hard hitting ability is crazy. Since the 10s worked out in a sealed I want the 12 sealed also. I have plenty of power for a sealed enclosure.
  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934
    I guess I can go a little on the larger size. I'd be able to add mass in the chamber to reduce air space right? Does that sound logical? I know not ideal but.....
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,379
    4 ft² per ported 12... Figure about 1/3 that per for a sealed box, so you're in the right range. Fine tuning can be done with batting.
  • CH46ECH46E Posts: 934
    Ok thanks man! I'll stick with the 3.75 and go from there.
  • I used kilz product to seal the mdf on my DIY enclosure
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 12,557
    Actually last weekend this old house had a great piece on an mdf project. They highly recommended oil based primer and to fill nail or screw holes after you lay down the oil based primer as the filler stuck better to the primer than plain mdf. 2 coats of primer then any latex paint of your choice to finish.

    Hope this helps
  • joecoulsonjoecoulson Posts: 2,063
    Always prime MDF before any finish and like pit says above, filler can used before or after that process.
    If applying veneer then you want to block sand all corners. If you don’t, it will peel later in its life.
    Use 3M spray adhesive to stick the veneer and spray on the box and veneer and let dry until very tacky before applying. Make sure it’s cut perfect or that you know how to bend or file corners before applying.
    Good luck
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  • zingozingo Audiophile Posts: 11,773
    I have finished a few subwoofers with rubberized paint used to refinish decks or stairs. It applies pretty easy, hides imperfections, and creates a pretty durable finish.
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