WTB cheap DVD player that plays MP3's

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I am looking for a cheap DVD player that plays CDR's for my 11 year old daughter. She is going to pay (hey, it's a part of growing up) so it can't be too expensive! It doesn't matter what brand. Thanks, Jeff
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    walmart has tons of cheap players, low as like 39 bucks i think i saw, all current players usually play cdr's and mp3.... No specific model in mind, you can go to www.walmart.com and see though
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    Wow, I didn't realize they were that cheap! Thanks
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    There's a bunch of threads going on right now on some of the audio forums I watch about the Toshiba 3960 and how it does an excellent job with Redbook CD playback (also does Prog-Scan and MP3) for the whopping price of $63! I'm going to pick one up even though I don't have a progressive CD and try it out but some people I've come to repect the opinions of are really raving about it.

    Good luck, my daughter is still happy with her "Hello Kitty" cd player so I don't need to worry about upgrading her for a while :)
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