FS - SVS PB12-Plus/2 Subwoofer - Sold



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    Joey_V wrote: »
    beauphus wrote: »
    I know this sub already sold, but just wanted everyone to know I have had this exact same sub since 2005. It’s probably the only thing that remains of my bachelor life. My now wife wanted me to get rid of it. I told her I would cancel the wedding. We compromised by painting it piano white. We now have 4 kids, including one son. My son will inherit 2 things from me: my Patek collection and my SVS PB12 plus 2. Whoever the buyer was....enjoy

    Who cares about the sub. Show me your Patek collection.

    That's what she said...

    Get some Dave :D:D:D
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    Good snag, at a great price. I have a pair of these, and sufficient bass is never an issue, at any volume level. Period. It's fun to plug in a subharmonic (15 to 18Hz) test discs and crank it up...while the dishes in the upstairs china cabinet start to move like a haunted house.
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    Don't lie now....you crank it up and sit on it...naked....dontcha ?
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    tonyb wrote: »
    Don't lie now....you crank it up and sit on it...naked....dontcha ?

    lol, reminds me of the scene in the Howard Stern Private Parts movie.
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