SDA 2B - Should I replace a woofer?

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I have some 2bs. There is a small pin head sized hole on one of surrounds of a woofer. Is this causing issues(sounds fine to me)? Would it be worth replacing the woofer?
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  • Does polk sell the exact driver? Can I just replace one or will it be like going from the sl2000 to the rdo-194 where you have to replace both tweeters?
  • Thank You for the advice.
    I got these speakers a few months back and I really love them(they are my first true hifi speakers). I never knew what I was missing before I got them. I would like to restore them to peak condition as money permits. I have already installed the 194 tweeters. I am currently trying decide whether to break down and get the 198s when I recap them.( i realize that requires modification)
  • One last question(atm). Is Larry doing rings at the moment? From what I can tell the answer is no? If not ill do hurricane nuts.
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