TSX 110B'S!

Anyone know where I can get a BRAND NEW, unopened pair of POLK TSX 110b bookshelfs in black? Need them to finish my setup! Thanks.


  • Nope. I see a used-like new pair on amazon. Kind of pricey though.
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  • first off, really appreciate the heads up. Went to their website, found them, had them in my cart, and decided to call them directly before I ordered, and the guy said they JUST sold their last pair last week! AAARRGGHHH! They also apparently sold their last pair of the 550t's. Major bummer. Anyway, thanks. Keep looking!
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    Why don’t you get some of the new Signature series speakers? They are better speakers, and you said you wanted a surround upgrade in a different thread... now your old TSx fronts are your surrounds, and your new fronts are the Signatures. You could keep your TSx center if you go this route, but I’d get a Signature center as well.
    Either way, good luck. :)
    signature is in the spoiler window :)
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  • Havent heard the signatures as of yet- any experience with these? As far as a complete speaker upgrade, again, I'm torn. REALLY like my TSx's, regret not getting the 550t's. Have been scouring the planet for a pair or two of the TSx 100b's in black. Would LOVE to upgrade to a complete RTi system, but asked in another thread about possibly adding the FXi A6's to my current TSx system to help with a little more low end and surround imaging. I'm told they will work, but Polks website says they are timbre matched within the same speaker series. Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this? Thanks again.
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