2.0 System vs Sound Bar

Advising a friend. Tying to convince him a quality 2.0 setup will greatly out perform a sound bar. IMHO, I’ve never heard a sound bar I like.

AVR: Marantz SR 5011
L/ R: Polk Audio 703 LSiM (Bi Amp'd)
C: Polk Audio 255c - LS
R: Def Tech
Sub: PSW 505 (12 inch)
DVD: Oppo UDP 203
TV: 2016 Sony XBR 75X850D


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,107
    Best way to convince your friend: A-B test.

    Btw, I agree with you. Though in some cases, a 2.1 is needed.
  • I move quite often. In 2011 I bought the most expensive Yamaha soundbar and found it to be very unsatisfying. I now have a 7.2 system BUT I'm only using fronts, center, and a sub. I like it so much better even if I don't have pseudo-sounds ricocheting around the room. The other speakers are in storage until I move again to a bigger place. All that said, the Golden Ear soundbars are supposed to be quite good.
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