FS: WireWorld Series 8 jumpers

6" set (2 pair) of Series 8 Eclipse jumpers - spade connections. Case included. Paid $180 - listed for $120. Fees and shipping paid by buyer.


  • minerminer Posts: 1,202
    offers accepted
  • tonybtonyb Posts: 30,962
    Nice....this is a good way to get a grasp on what WW cables might sound like in your system for not a lot of scratch.

    In fact, I bought my AZ jumpers first, so I could get a feel for the sound on the upper registers before coughing up the coin for a full set of cables. If your current cables are sounding a bit harsh up top, try these. Good luck with the sale.
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  • Polkitup2Polkitup2 Posts: 1,485
    pm sent
  • minerminer Posts: 1,202
    Thank you
  • Polkitup2Polkitup2 Posts: 1,485
    edited December 2018
    YW, I look forward to trying these on my Harbeth HL5+ speakers. I've tried a few cheaper ones and they all sounded different to me. I will be interested to hear what the WW's have to offer.
  • minerminer Posts: 1,202
    SOLD to Polkitup2
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