Need help asap

I recently had installed my Polk Audio dxi dual coil 12 in a vented box the stereo shop paired subwoofer to a Rockford Fosgate R500.1 d ampas soon as I got about 2 blocks away I turn the bass knob up a little bit and it was playing good for a little while then all of a sudden it started playing on just one coil or something and I smelled a burning smell what do you guys think about this and that you feel like the monoblock boss day 5 in 1 digital was too much for that subwoofer or do you feel like I feel that the subwoofer was wired wrong


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,129
    Hard to say exactly what happened, but a clipped input signal or clipping amp can easily and quickly destroy a speaker. I would start at either the source and work down, or at the speaker an work up. Starting in the middle can cause more confusion.
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