Polk RTiA3 vs RTI4's

jayu969jayu969 Posts: 105
Have opportunity to buy a pair of RTiA3's for $75. I think this is a good price. Would these be an "upgrade" to my RTI4's?


  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 105
    Hah, yah lots of questions plus I am short of my 100 posts so can't post anything. :-)
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 105
    I did pull the trigger on the RTiA3's. I do think they sound a bit smoother then the Ti4's.
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 12,081
    7 more post get busy :D
    I'm not entirely 100% sure. But if they have the same size drivers the iA changes were cabinet and crossover.
  • jayu969jayu969 Posts: 105
    You're correct F1nut....I have also received lots of good feedback with my recent posts which is much appreciated and very helpful.
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