Terminations: Speaker and IC

daboyzdaboyz Posts: 4,927
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Looking for some good middle of the road terminations for diy cables. Using Mogami 3103 and 2534 wire. Looking for:

(4) pins (spring clips)
(8) nanners
(14) rca's

If anyone has some or a good place/kind to get would be awesome. :)
HT - Polk Lsi9, Lsi7, LsiC, Marsh A200s, B&K ST-1430, Pioneer Elite BDP 62FD, Marantz SR7008, Martin Logan Dynamo, NHT CS-10, Mogami 3103 speaker wire, Mogami 2534 IC

mini HT - Samsung 46" 3D TV + 3D Blu ray player, HK AVR 254, Infinity SL40, Audioengine B1


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