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I have had 2 dsw 660 subs in my basement theatre since 2011. I moved out due to a major renovation on the upper floor in March. I moved back in a month ago and both my subs seems to have issues. Can’t get any sound from them through LFe, remote seems unresponsive.

I suppose I need a new controller board for both of them. Ironically, both subs have the same issue.

Does anyone know if there’s a separate controller board available, or I have to change the whole amp circuit board?

I suspect some power issues during the renovation fried my equipment.



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    One of them gets the green power light on the back and the LED on the front when I turn it on, then the power light goes from green to red. Same thing happens when I put it in either “on” or “standby”

    The other gets no LED on the front, and power light on back goes red immediately.

    I pulled them apart and found C14 on both of them blown. On the first on, there is a component B1 ... looks like a barrel tube battery (thought it should be labelled BT1)...it has one of its legs melted...not sure if that component is fried too...or it is just collateral damage from the cap.

    I am tempted to get some new caps and if I can identify the B1, then get a new one of those as well and try to fix it.

    I’ll post a picture of the boards.

  • wlhy7az694ac.jpeg
  • Both boards have capacity cooked but one has the B1 component leg melted away.
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