PSW505 Amp Repair

Hello All,

My PSW505 died after a move. I opened her up and, after some probing, found that C23 had blown. This looks to be on the output of an opamp used to switch between: “Stand-By”, “Auto” and “ON”. My guess is that the amp is stuck in standby as the power LED is red and not green. Luckily, I found the cap sleeve laying inside of the enclosure so I am able to see the rating 50V 10uF. I’m going to throw a new cap in to see if that fixes it but I’m curious as to how this cap could blow. I see no need to increase the voltage rating at the rails seem to be 15vdc. Maybe just a a bad cap?


  • tvipondtvipond Posts: 6
    Interesting...I have 2 DSW 660’s with a similar issue...any pictures of your board?
    I am going to pull mine apart tomorrow.
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