bad crossover on DXi6500 car component speakers

I don't think I've ever had this happen, but the crossover ain't working. Tweet comes out but nothing comes out the woofer. Woofer works when hooked up directly to the speaker in but not when connected to the woofer out. Anyone else had that problem? Bad capacitor? is there a fuse? Any tips would be appreciated.


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    If you can pull the XO board, post some pics. It’d be a lot easier to help. :)
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  • I put them in with some pretty strong 2-sided tape and I put it all back together. I have an email into customer service, so if I get no joy there I'l pull it apart again and take some pics. I suppose I could de-solder the components one by one and check to see whether they are any good... I thought I'd just post and see if it was a common thing then maybe someone had come up with a fix.
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