Magnifi Mini - How to play Dolby - No ARC / Optical

Hi Friends,
Yesterday only I got Polk Magnifi Mini sound bar and even though my TV is recent bought a month ago, (Indian one - cant find link for India) it doesnt have optical out or HDMI Arc. So how do i test a dolby file and ensure the green light on my polk magnifi mini works. Can anyone suggest me sample file along with a way to cast the file from laptop or mobile (android).

The headphone out from TV (aux) gives very low volume and even the normal TV speakers sound better than the magnifi mini. Bluetooth and Casting sound nice on magnifi mini.

I have bought an android box which has optical out, but it will take time to ship to my address.

Also can anyone tell me whether is it possible to send HMDI out audio signals to soundbar from laptop using a software which can do the ARC output.

Grateful if anyone can advise me.

My First Polk Product Magnifi Mini - the footlong soundbar


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