New NAD C356BEE!

zingozingo AudiophilePosts: 11,687
Well... I didn’t need it but I couldn’t pass up a clean NAD C356BEE with factory installed DAC for $300. I’ve only spent an hour with it so far listening, but it sounds darn good with my Monoprice Monolith K-BAS speakers.

It sounds clean, powerful, great bass, and a large and precise sound stage. I’ll play around with the DAC this weekend, but fed an analog signal from my Squeezebox via NuForce DAC was a lovely experience.

A few years ago I had an older NAD integrated (C370?) that was fine, but didn’t wow me on arrival like this one did. I’ll see how this weekend unfolds!



  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,941
    Nice find!
  • SIHABSIHAB Posts: 278
    Great pickup.
    Does it have the NAD house sound?
    Assume so. Wish I had my NAD CD player still
    to see if you like the pairing...
  • zingozingo Audiophile Posts: 11,687
    I’ve heard the NAD house sound described as neutral, detailed, and powerful, and I would agree with those descriptors.

    After about an hour, the amp section was just starting to get warm, but what I assume is the preamp section was quite warm to the touch. I’ll have the unit powered on all weekend and see what I get!
  • zingozingo Audiophile Posts: 11,687
    I replaced the stock steel IN/OUT jumpers with DH Labs 6” ICs and swapped in my transmission line monitors.
  • zingozingo Audiophile Posts: 11,687
    At the end of a weekend, the NAD brings big sound and dynamics to music and my transmission line monitors. The deepest bass notes are full and tight on Jack Johnson tracks and the vocals are natural and precise in an number of Chesky recordings.

    However, the sound is very different than the tube and MOSFET equipment I was also using which was more euphoric; maybe not the best term. The music was less transparent, but presented with an extra something that was and enjoyable experience.

    I think both amplification are right and both make for a great listening experience, but they are different and the NAD is a great integrated with many features making it an extreme value.
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