Moretite, Armacell, Gasket tape?

I'm slowly acquiring parts to refurb my newly bought Monitor 7C's. I'm now looking at the right product for sealing the drivers into the cabinets but have been out of the game for several years so am at a bit of a loss as to the current prefered method.

When I did my 7B's ten years ago moretite was all the rage. I used it on those and my Infinity RSII's. It worked beautifully, especially if you never want to get back into the cabinet again (which I think are the same words I used when I tried to open up the RSII's again a short time after the refurb on those).

Doing some searching here has me debating between the Armacell product at Home Depot and the standard gasket tape available at Parts Express. They both appear to be 1/8" thick but the Armacell, at 2" wide, needs to be trimmed. The PE tape is ready to go at 3/8" wide. If the Armacell is superior I have no problem doing the extra step of trimming it, but...I'm lazy, and if I can get away with not trimming...well, you get it.

Are there any prevalent preferences, or other products I'm not considering?


  • michaeljhsda2michaeljhsda2 Posts: 1,861
    Go with the PE product...most costly but worth it (plus it's designed for speakers!).
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    Go with the Armacell... superior compression and is really easy to work with. It duplicates the stock gaskets better than anything else. It has also been demonstrated through testing by our very own Darqueknight to be superior to the other alternatives.
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  • JonesyJonesy Posts: 189
    Ha Haaa.

    That's what I've missed about this place. Differing opinions. Although John does make a strong case if Darqueknight did some testing ( I do recall Darqueknight knowing his sh**).

    Thanks both of you.
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 40,631
    If your stock gaskets are not damaged you gain nothing by replacing them.
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  • JonesyJonesy Posts: 189
    F1nut wrote: »
    If your stock gaskets are not damaged you gain nothing by replacing them.

    Well hell, if that's the case lazy wins the day!

    I haven't pulled the drivers yet (only the XO to get values) so I have no idea what the gaskets look like, but will hold off on getting anything until I can assess. Thanks.
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