Polk wireless subwoofer PSWi225 makes a popping sound

Not looking for an answer, just passing along some information that I pieced together from various places which worked on my system. Apparently jotting things down is what separates us humans from the rest of the animals, allegedly.

Polk wireless subwoofer PSWi225 makes a popping sound intermittently, randomly, regardless if music is being played or not, no sound signal going to it. Just turning on the wireless subwoofer, with the A/V receiver off and Directv on, caused the problem to happen. The popping subwoofer problem didn’t happen in our previous 3,800 sqft home. Downsized to a 900 sqft home and the subwoofer popping problem started.

I tried many things both software and hardware to solve it and the only guaranteed way I got the popping to stop was to disable the 2.4Ghz radio band on my TP-Link Dual band, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, wireless router. There were only two devices using the 2.4GHz radio band Roku3 and Directv, neither will operate on the 5GHz radio band.

With the 2.4GHz band enabled and Directv hardwired to the ethernet switch the popping stopped, until I went into the next room and started using Roku then the popping wireless subwoofer problem reappeared within the first minute of using Roku.

So, what is most important to me, Roku3 or a booming non-popping subwoofer…? I just fix things. I’m not the boss. I’ll see what she says, (fingers-crossed).

Some things that helped but did not solve the problem:
—Disabling the SSID broadcast for both 2.4 & 5 radio bands.
—Moving the subwoofer further away from other wireless devices, almost impossible to accomplish in my small house.

It appears all I did was verify someone else’s conclusions. Further information on this problem can be found in the Polk audio owner’s manual and your router’s help pages:

From the Polk audio PSWi225 owner’s manual:
Like all wireless devices, your PSWi225 may be susceptible
to RF interference from such sources as microwave ovens, WiFi computer systems, video game systems, cordless telephones, blue tooth systems, baby monitors and other devices. In particular, any devices operating in the 2.4GHz
band may cause intermittent wireless connections between
the PSWi225. It is also possible that your PSWi225 may affect other wireless systems. For the most part, you can avoid wire- less performance problems by physically separating these devices from your PSWi225. Maintaining a distance of several feet or more between your PSWi225 speaker and any wireless device should prevent any mutual interference effects. If you do notice any subwoofer signal dropouts take care to identify the root cause (most commonly having other wireless devices too close) and resolve accordingly. Any interference effects from a microwave oven will cease once the oven stops operating and may be resolved on a long-term basis by increasing the physical distance between your PSWi225 and the microwave oven.

From the TP-Link wireless router archer C-9 help pages:
Dual Band Selection Help

Advantages of 5GHz:
The 5GHz band is less likely to be congested. The 2.4GHz frequency range is much more prone to interference, as it is commonly used by other wireless networks in the area, as well as cordless phones, garage door openers and other home appliances and consumer products.

Disadvantages of 5GHz:
In general, the higher the frequency of a wireless signal, the shorter its range. Thus, 2.4GHz networks cover a substantially larger range than 5GHz wireless networks. In particular, the higher frequency wireless signals of 5GHz networks do not penetrate solid objects nearly as well as 2.4GHz signals, limiting their reach inside homes.


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    Nice informative post, thanks.
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    Echo Jesse here. I have the same sub in my office rig. I noticed an occasional pop as well. Good to know! Thanks.
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