Tom Petty: American Treasure

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You won't get much that you haven't heard before as far as new songs, but there are live versions, different mixes, etc. Linear notes are pretty cool with comments from his wife and some of the Heartbreakers as well as some photos. I'm a HUGE Petty fan and I think I have everything he's ever released so you can take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I like it and am glad I made the purchase.
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  • Nice, just wondering out loud if anyone knows if Tom left behind any significant amount of unreleased material. Still hard to believe he's gone.
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    Today is the one-year anniversary of his death
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    His daughter was on a CBS Good Morning, today. She said there is a trove of material.
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    His daughter was on a CBS Good Morning, today. She said there was a trove of material.

    Well now! That sounds promising.
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    The anniversary concert DVD they did at the University Of Florida is pretty dang good too, I might add!..
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