"100 Amplifiers" (of the vacuum tube kind, of course)

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You say you like amplifiers, do you?
You say, "hey, I'm lookin' for some cool ideas for amplifiers" -- do you?
Well, looky here:


In case you get the urge, say, to go Class B -- and leave fleapower far, far behind.


I take no responsiblily for the commentary on the amps' designs, nor on the author's idiosyncratically idiomatic English, but... a very cool site. Note that this is part 2 of 2; the first part features designs from 1916 to 1945 :)


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    Great link Doc!
    Does this mean...
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    My Bottlehead SEX is still sitting on the workbench. Winter project! :smile:
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    verb wrote: »
    My Bottlehead SEX is still sitting on the workbench. Winter project! :smile:

    I hope you are at least bringing her food and water until then. :o
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