PCB repair question

I have a trace on another Onkyo Integra that I want to repair. Is there any particular type wire/gauge that I should use?


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    well obviously not larger than the trace itself. I've always used wire that matched the width of the trace. I've used single strands of the wire something like 30 gauge or smaller. that gets very tricky to solder but it can be done. Try going from a tiny trace to the itty bitty finger's of a chip. I suggest a good magnifying articulating light to see through. makes it easier.
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    Thanks Pitt. I wasn't sure if the width of the old trace determined gauge needed. It looks like it was the smallest width on the amp board that was right next to a hot resistor that fried.
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    I found that tinning the wire first helped. Some of those traces will left quickly when they get hot so the faster you can connect and get off it the better.
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    Ok. I'll give it a try. Was hoping someone here had one (A-8190) to post a pic of the board so I could see the original routing in the area, but I think I have it figured out.7awo6y4cql5c.jpg

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    The dark areas around grey wires are just old adhesive. The missing trace runs longitudinally to the burnt resistor on opposite side. Definitely looking better than it sounds at this point. Working on selector switches now....
  • Did you fix it?

    The PCB routing is quite interesting but makes it harder to guess where the trace ran.

    I suspect the service manual has the PCB Layouts, what the model number of Onkyo Integra? It's also possible from the schematic to figure or get a ballpark of the current passing through that part of the circuit and from that decide how large the wire needs to be.
  • Hope this helps!
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    Thanks Cody.... Reading PDFs from a 6" android telly is not ideal lol....

    Anybody had to do this?.....

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    Ooo that looks dangerous
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    I could not find 12,000uf Nichicon or Chemicon caps with those 4 pin arrangements, so I looped and soldered the same diameter copper wire to match factory spacing....
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    Worked like a charm....

    The jumper fixed worked out too as there was extra soldering pools right where they needed to be between the broken trace.....

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    How do I properly cross-reference a 2SD-1200 "Q" or "R" transistor? I cannot find these referenced on Mouser's site.

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