Placement between mains

So I just moved (about a week ago now ) the SVS to be off center but between the mains.
After a week of listening to different sources and rerunning audyssey for distances only, I am sure this is by far the best placement.
While movies have more defined bass and a flatter response across the range, music is so much more seamless now with sub/main imaging. Music has taken on such a presence in my particular setup. The mains (705’s) had to go a little wider than I had them previously, but the end result is worth it.
I have had a number of upgrades over the last few months (been a good year for us - grateful to God) but this is one that didn’t cost anything and has had a huge net result.
Anyone else just run one sub and have it between the main channels ?
Thoughts on that setup vs the traditional corner of the room placement?


  • DaveHoDaveHo Posts: 2,019
    edited September 22
    In my combined system, I run 2 subs. The one for HT is in the corner for Max output, the other for 2ch only is just inside and on the same plane as the left speaker. Definitely blends better in this location. As long as you don't feel output is lacking, go for it.

    Oh, I run 705 mains as well.
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