Mark Knopfler releasing new album in November

"Down The Road Wherever" - his ninth solo album, will be released in November. I'm hoping there is an extensive tour. Deluxe version of album will have bonus tracks.


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    Cool, always liked his music! B)
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    There are some photos from the recording sessions on Guy Fletcher's website under his "Diary" tab. He's been with Mark since the middle 90's as keyboardist and also co-produces a lot of the recordings. Some of the photos depict the studio monitors, and I'd like to know what those are.
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    I'm hoping for a tour stop somewhere nearby as well. Looking forward to hearing this album as I've worn the others out.
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    Excellent news.
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    Great news! I'm in!!
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    dromunds wrote: »
    "Down The Road Wherever" - his ninth solo album, will be released in November. I'm hoping there is an extensive tour. Deluxe version of album will have bonus tracks.

    very interesting . . . think Arte Johnson Laugh-In
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    GlennDog wrote: »

    very interesting . . . think Arte Johnson Laugh-In

    You bet your sweet bippy.

  • treitz3treitz3 Posts: 12,523
    There isn't much at all I do not like to listen too by this man. He is a great musician that usually has superb recordings paired with top notch respective musicians in their field.

    Best of all worlds.

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