Pioneer BDP 05 just froze up. Any help?

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Has worked flawlessly since purchase at thrift store for $6.99. I cannot say if it has better PQ than my PS3 or PS4 or better sound quality? Just like my sSony gaming systems it has played every disc I have put in it. Last night watching (Upgrade) ,locked up half way through. At first would not shut off or open drawers to remove disc. Eventually would shut off and open drawer. Powers up and opens drawer fine now. Is there some hard reboot or something to try? As always. Thanks. D
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    Unplug it for 24hrs. I do not know if that well help since it does have a hard off button but cant hurt.
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    For 7 bucks toss it in the can and buy another one.
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    Found this:
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    You could Fonz it...?
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    FestYboy wrote: »
    You could Fonz it...?

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    For 7 bucks toss it in the can and buy another one.

    I see where you are coming from, but at least when you're on my budget, $7 is worth several hours of work trying to fix it. Now, DaButcher is probably not on my budget... but who knows.

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