Dekoni Ear Pads?

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Anyone got any experience with Dekoni replacement ear pads?

I once replaced some ear pads on some Bose TP-1A headphones with some third party ones from Amazon, and they completely changed the sound, not to mention were hard and uncomfortable. Returned them of course, and found out that Bose still offered oe replacements, which let me extend the life on those old favorites.

I've since moved on to other headphones evaluations, along the lines of Sennheiser, Philips, and Audio-Technica and am enjoying this little rabbit hole branch.

The Dekoni pads seem to be well liked/respected.

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    How ‘bout them Fidelio’s....ehh....ehh ;)
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    Hehe, yes, indeed, the Philips Fidelio X1s are my favorites so far, overall, of all I've tried.
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