TeraDak Linear Power Supply Dual 12V 6.5A 200W

Added this to my rig today. Nice upgrade to my DAC and I have an extra 12v supply for future use.

Weighs like 10 lbs. Here are the guts...


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  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 19,563
    edited September 11
    Looks like it should weigh considerably more than 10 lbs to me!

    Lotsa capability (watts) for the rather modest power requirements of a DAC, though*, y'know? A little like droppin' a Lamborghini V12 into one's Toyota Corolla to drive down to the QuickieMart for a quart of milk, so to say.

    PS Just in case you didn't think it couldn't even get more outrageous, the really cool kids' P/S won't have electrolytics in 'em for filtering ;)

    Electrolytics really are of the Devil -- but they're cheap and small per unit of capacitance.

    * EDIT, OK, I see you've allowed for future expansion. Good, good. :)
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