Polk Command Bar Setup - Help?

I've watched several videos on how to set this up, but I'm still having some issues.

I had an old sound bar which had 2 wires, one for optical and one for power. I plugged the optical into my television and power into the wall and no matter what I did on my television, whether it was watching cable, apple tv or xbox, sound always went through the sound bar.

I figured it would work the same with the Polk. I simply reused the same optical wire and plugged it into the Polk. I turned on my TV and no sound. I switched to Apple TV and XBox, no sound. I went to my TV settings, and tested the sound connection, and in the settings section, I could play a test sound and it would play on the Command Bar, but all other sound is muted.

I do have an HDMI ARC slot, and that's in HDMI 1, but plugging that in to the sound bar and moving my cable box to HDMI 2, then turning on ARC in my settings still didn't provide any sound at all.

So I'm stuck, I'm not really sure where to go next. Anyone want to walk me through the way I need to wire this so that the sound will work with my television?

Oh, Alexa works fine as does bluetooth, and the speaker sounds great, so the last step is getting it to work with the TV.


  • Tried the last obvious thing I could think of, and used the provided audio cable and that did the trick. Apparently there was something about the old one that the bar or the tv didn’t like!
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