2 differing designs

I've notice there are 2 differing designs on mostly amplifiers in the way they dissipate heat. My and most like my Adcom, Phase Linears and lots more vintage amps use large heat sinks either in the rear or sides of the amps. The other design is a cut vent either w/ perforations or louvers, slots on top and sometimes also on the bottom. Is there any better way between choices and is that ever a concern in buying an amplifier.
I've also noticed that most all receivers and avr have screens or slots, perforations for heat dispersal. Why not heat sinks on these also ?
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    Lew there are smaller heat sinks inside. They do not usually need to be as big since there is not as many heat producing opamp/transistors and such. As long as there is ample space to breathe it should be fine. The design also takes that into consideration.
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