Subwoofer preamp output dead?

My current basement setup has been unchanged for nearly 2 years. I have a Yamaha RX-A800 receiver that has served me well in the setup. It has been connected to my HSU sub for 2+ years down there. Everything has worked fine until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the sub was no longer working. Here is everything I have done to troubleshoot:

1. Check speaker configuration in Yamaha manual setup menu. Sub is set to "Use." Test tone produces sound on all speakers except the subwoofer.
2. Check that HSU auto on feature is not the issue. Turned sub to always on. Test tone produces no sound for subwoofer
3. Check that HSU amplifier is not broken. I hooked up another source into the HSU input. Sound produced as expected. Sub amplifier and/or driver is not broken
4. Changed subwoofer cables. Test tone produces no sound for subwoofer
5. Check subwoofer volume knob. Volume knob set to 50%
6. Check subwoofer level trim in manual setup manual. Adjusted to + 6.0 decibels. Test tone produces no sound for subwoofer
7. Completed a master reset on the Yamaha receiver to restore default settings. Re-configured speaker settings. Test tone produces sound on all speakers except the subwoofer.

Is there anything else I should try? Does it sound like my preamp output could have suddenly gone dead?


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 11,464
    yep it happens they die. Taking receivers apart is time consuming and pricey look for another.
  • adb3daadb3da Posts: 443
    Well that stinks...looks like I am in the market for a new receiver or pre/pro :(
  • codycatalistcodycatalist Posts: 1,730
    No option for speaker level inputs on the sub?
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  • adb3daadb3da Posts: 443
    No option for speaker level inputs on the sub?

    Sure I could do that, but I'd rather have the receiver doing all of the crossover filtering and output the LFE in the preamp like it's supposed to. Mostly because I don't want to fool with additional wring but also because I am stubborn and want to hook it up the same way I've always done it.
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