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Good day all,
Is there a parts list for crossover mods for the a9's???
I'm good with the bass section. But wouldn't mind upgrading the mids and tweeter sections. I've already run larger gauge wire in the cabinets and resealed pass through holes for wires etc.
Any help or parts suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 40,631
    The crossover values are printed on the components. The crossover is attached to the binding post plate.
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  • tindeantindean Posts: 5
    I was looking for more of a better replacement parts list,,
    I have crossovers out already to replace a resistor, and upgraded cabinet wires already.
    Was hoping someone who done a mod could suggest better than stock parts. Thanks again
  • tindeantindean Posts: 5
    Thanks much. That's what I needed to know
  • tindeantindean Posts: 5
    I seen the pics of the mods. Just didn't know what parts they were using. Ty again.
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 11,479
    Sonicaps and vishay-mills resistors.
    Clarity caps are also highly regarded. Understand that film caps will be much larger than stock caps.
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