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    So is Roon a music library front-end? Sorry for all the questions, last time I had "software" was during my SQBox days. The Oppo has a built in interface which works with my ipad.
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    Yeah that pretty much sums it up... It can also integrate supported networked devices for a whole house (& Backyard B) ) music solution. I don't use my Oppo's for music and would have to check if supported by Roon

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    Pretty sure the 203 & 205 can be used as a Roon endpoint. Not sure about the 103/5.
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    tonyb wrote: »
    txcoastal1 wrote: »
    ..can do a lot of business on the ground :)

    Yeah, we know. You and Tom have a lot in common it appears. :p:p:D:D

    Yes we do. We both drive ridiculous amounts of miles in a day, working the entire time.

    The Bluesound Node doesn't sound that good to me at all, I know. I have one. BUT, hook it up to a decent DAC and the Quality comes very close to CD quality. The only difference I notice is a little bit of mid-bass suckout. Like someone used an EQ to lower the signal of the mid-bass. Other than that, with the Musical Fidelity Tri-Visat tubed DAC I have it paired with? One would be VERY hard pressed to find any difference between a CD and the Bluesound Node.

    I love Tidal but the MQA has to go through the Node. Sorry but it sounds better through the DAC, so MQA is a waste for me.

    Steve, no it does not. You can create your own "genre" of music though. I have discovered many a new artist using this.

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    Cool, thanks for the info. I would definitely be running the Node 2 thru my Benchmark DAC2.
    Source: Bluesound Node 2i - Preamp/DAC: Benchmark DAC2 DX - Amplifier: Parasound Halo A21 - Speakers: PSB Imagine T2
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    Get the free Tidal trial, toss it aside if you don't like it.
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