What Center Channel to Match Monitor 40

viperrcrviperrcr Posts: 9
I am about to purchase Monitor 40 speakers for my front speakers and my rear speakers.

Which center channel would be best to match these speakers?
Which subwoofer would be best to match these speakers?
Thank you!


  • I think the Polk Audio CS10 center channel, would work just fine.
    And for a subwoofer I don't know your budget, but if you can afford it, I would recommend you to buy an svs subwoofer. And if you have a tighter budget I would recommend the Polk Psw10, or the Polk HTS SUB10.
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  • Gurm42Gurm42 Posts: 30
    CS10 will be... fine. But it was intended to match a slightly different set of speakers. CS1 is the model that was intended to go with the Monitor Series II 30/40/50. CS2 was intended for the Monitor Series II 60/70. I personally went with the Monitor 15C, which is the remake of the CS1, because it matched better than the CS10. That said, you won't see a HUGE difference on the CS10, it's just made from different materials.
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