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I just ordered a Matchbox HD to put in front of my Christie amplifier to power my HT subwoofer (sealed Dayton Ultimax 18"). I thought the Christie would have enough sensitivity to be fed a consumer line level, but I'm not quite getting the volume I would like.

I was looking at different level/impedance converters, and some of the most used ones had mixed reviews; ART Cleanbox Pro and Rolls Promatch. The Matchbox HD from Henry Engineering comes out of their broadcast industry products, but the few reviews available seem to really like it.

The Matchbox HD is a bi-directional unit, using four separate amplifiers to convert stereo inputs and outputs from unbalanced -10 dBv levels to +4 dBm balanced 600 ohm lines. All four outputs also have adjustable pots, and internally the unit can be jumpered for an additional +6dB for what they call low level sources (PC sound cards).

I'm hoping it'll make a difference on my subwoofer, but I will also try it from an unbalanced preamp to a balance amp powering stereo speakers.



  • zingozingo Audiophile Posts: 11,836
    Wow. I got this installed after delivery and I cannot believe what a difference it makes. The subwoofer sounded good but reserved on the consumer voltage with all the levels pushed, but I'm now running my Christie amp at about 9 o'clock which rattles the room. Sound quality is not compromised, but the amp just has much more usable range and oomph.
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