Does anyone have recommendations for thermal imaging cameras?

I'm looking to (hopefully) buy a thermal imaging camera to troubleshoot PCBs and I was wondering if anyone had any experience to offer.

My components are usually 0402, sometimes smaller, sometimes larger and my budget is pretty low. I can't break the bank on this equipment because I probably won't use it that often. I can probably spend around $500.

I searched for past posts but I haven't seen anything posted in over a year, so I thought it would be a good time to ask again. The product I am currently looking at is FLK-VT04A GLOBAL but I can't find videos or ratings for the camera being used for PCBs, so I think it might not fit my application. Any recommendations?


  • Viking64Viking64 Posts: 3,669
    PCB? Polk Cow Boy? He don't come 'round these parts much no more.
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