My uncles are GREAT

Hi guys I just wanted to show you some stuff my uncle passed down to me :) aqdbcav1tclc.jpg
Boston Acoustic T1000s,Rega Planet 2000,Brio Amp still in the box and Q series speakers.


  • kharp1kharp1 Posts: 2,590
    Congrats on having a cool uncle and the gifted gear. I had the same Pioneer reverb processor and dynamic expander back in the early 80's.
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    Good uncle. I think that Rega CD player is a gem. May have sold for $1.5k back when it was new and that was almost 20 years ago now.
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    edit: oops, irrelevant. sorry.
  • RealisticRealistic Posts: 355
    Hey guys, the reverb, dynamic processor and the eq are just a light show for my enjoyment at night there not in the signal path I just like the cool factor.
  • RealisticRealistic Posts: 355
    That cd player has me listening to all my cds again what a fantastic change.
  • RealisticRealistic Posts: 355
    I was asking them about a vintage tube amp, still looking though and wound up bringing this stuff home :)
  • joecoulsonjoecoulson Posts: 1,443
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  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 2,380
    Wow! That’s some pretty sick gear there!
    My uncle gave me a set of the BIG Cerwin Vegas when I first got into audio. Unfortunately, they are living with his sister in Oklahoma at this point, and we have no way to get them here. Not that I would ever use them, of course.
    You might as well call me Russ :tongue: :wink:

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  • NotaSuvNotaSuv Posts: 2,589
    very nice.....enjoy them
  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 5,224
    Hook the Planet up to the Brio and achieve pure aural bliss!
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  • WillowWillow Posts: 9,227
    Congrats on the new gear. Make sure to really thank him or them. Not just by saying thanks, explain to him or them your experiences with the new gear.
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  • RealisticRealistic Posts: 355
    I thank both of them every time we talk, I talked to him about the Breo and the Pioneer and how I prefer the Pioneer over then Breo and he thinks a more laid back speaker set and different speaker cables. He told me you can tune the Breo with speaker cables, I thought he was kidding but he wasn't.
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