SDA-2 Tweeter Polarity

I have just received two rdo 194 tweeters in order to replace the old sl-2000 tweeters that are in there. I am a bit confused on how to wire them. The rdo-194 has a terminal that is painted red which i assume is the positive. Where I am getting confused is when looking at the old tweeter. It has a black and white wires connected. I assume that the black means negative and the white is positive. But there is a cross mark on the sl2000 right next to the terminal where the black wire is connected. So is the black wire positive?


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 12,588
    Black is positive
  • leftwinger57leftwinger57 Posts: 2,918
    Yes black is positive. In my old alarm installing days all low voltage was red+ black -. When we were dealing w/ Cat-6 the solids were positive and the stripes or dashes were negative. Why Polk did that who knows but they did go through a lot of colors when the models got bigger. Just a guess.....
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