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Hey guys,
If I bought a Roku Streaming stick and put it in the front MHL/HDMI input of my Oppo 103, would it work and would I get sound through all of my speakers?

If one of you guys have these, could you give it a try a let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Anju Kharab


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    I know I have a Roku stick in the HDMI in my TV HDMI port and I get sound and video. The question is will the front HDMI on the Oppo do full processing and output to all your speakers?
    We might need to know more of your setup. I'm sure the Oppo is not connected to all your speakers and you've got an amp in the line somewhere, maybe an AVR? And you're feeding it with HDMI also, or optical, or RCA?

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    The Oppo 103 is designed to work with the Roku streaming stick in the front HDMI port. So yes, you would get the full audio signal being provided by the streaming service you are using.

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    Welcome to Club Polk, I have a Roku Stick and have it plugged into my Oppo 103 front HDMI port. It works perfectly. Plug in and enjoy.
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    Yes, it will work. You can get audio from the speakers and the TV.
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