JBL Flip 4 issues

Hi all,

Recently, I bought a Flip 4 speaker and was really happy with the sound, but now, I'm picking up issues and it is really becoming annoying.

1. I've paired my phone and my laptop with the speaker, and at random times (for instance when I'm making a phonecall), the Flip 4 thinks its a wise idea to connect to the phone and broadcast the call all over the living room. At least I think it's the Flip 4 doing it, as I'm having the problem with different devices and different OSes. Is there a solution to this, other than unpairing the speaker again, and having to pair and unpair it every time I want to listen to music?

2. Speaking of "listening to music": It seems like this speaker randomly cuts itself off when it considers the signal mute. This must be a joke, because the threshold is much too high. At night, for instance, I simply cannot listen to classical music (or anything that has a wider range of low key passages and some crescendos), because at the volume I'd like to listen to it, half of it simply goes missing, and when I raise the overall volume, the louder parts would make the neigbors fall out of bed. (Note that I'm having this problem when I connect the speaker via cable - not sure if this makes any difference.)

I've also downloaded the JBL Music app which supposedly has some configuratin options, but it actually doesn't.

Is there any way these annoying issues can be fixed? Thanks in advance for helping me out!


  • erniejadeerniejade Posts: 4,598
    I have a JBL boombox speaker. The sound will mute itself if your streaming from your cellphone and get an allert like if you have noise that plays if you get an email or text.
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  • Baxter7Baxter7 Posts: 1
    By the ratio of price / quality is about the bottom of the best portable and wireless speakers at the moment. JBL Flip 4 replaced JBL Flip 3 , the real hit of sales. The manufacturer claims that he was able to make an even more perfect device and, learning the dry technical characteristics, you start to believe him. When you listen to the sound of the column live, there is no doubt that everything is done perfectly . The company says that the new model sounds 20% better than the previous one: it's not known exactly how they measured this percentage, but the sound is very, very good, and the basses are juicy.

    Among other things, the model has a higher autonomy and increased level of protection IPX 7 - now the product is not afraid even of immersion in water. The speaker is interfaced with gadgets via Bluetooth, has a mini jack for wired connection and several buttons for control. Among the bonuses - built-in microphone and the ability to connect to one system of about a hundred columns thanks to JBL Connect +. The variety of colors is the widest. The disadvantages are difficult to find.
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