Marshall Dsl 40c Issue, Need Your Help!

edited July 2018 in Electronics
My DSL 40C cuts out every now and then. The sound just goes dead. If Imcycle the power switch it comes back on like nothing happened and is fine. Here is what I've tried so far:

Replaced all tubes.
Checked all connections.
Clean sockets and inspected them.
Replaced the power and standby switch.
Cleaned all jacks.
When it goes silent, I Have wiggled all tubes, beat on the cab, tapped on all, the transformers.

It only does it once in a while and also once in a while from a cold start meaning I Turn it on, let it warm up, take it off standby and no sound...cycle the power switch and fine.

I'm starting to think these amps are cheap. It's very interesting and irritating at the same time.

Cycling the standby switch does nothing.

Any ideas?


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