help to complete 5.1

Im looking to complete my 5.1 setup. Been meaning to do it for 5-6 years XD. I did a lot of research when putting this together back then. I only recall I wanted monitor 30 or 40 to finish the rears.

My current goals and whats going on with room:

Montoir 40 (not series 2) (front left and right)
CS1 (not series 2) (center)
Bic venture v1020 (sub)
Onkyo Tx sr-507

I use the speakers for HTPC / Blu-ray / gaming / music

At some point I want to upgrade to an atoms AVR. Due to a child, my front speakers went from stands to the wall, seems they sound worse and I need to find a mounting solution that gives me 12” off the wall.
Leads to my rear problem, I think it’s a tight fit, even if we move it will be a tight fit and the speakers will have to be wall mounted. With some creative rearranging I may be able to get rears 12” off the wall, but the speakers would be different distance from the listening arear. ATM the AVR has software to fix this. I have a couch against the wall in the corner.

I was looking at monitor 30, monitor 30 series 2, TSI 100, T15, and Rti a1. T15 and RTI are front ported, I think.

I will be wating for a sell no matter what, that what I have done with all gear. I am thinking on sell max of $130. I was also thinking about used, but know if it’s a good idea. Cheaper is better.

I was thinking the cheap t15 as they are front ported, but ever thing I read says the tsi are a lot better. They are only surround, but I think gaming may make more use of rears then movies. I also don’t want to upstage my front stage aka the monitor 40 if you know what I mean.

What size room do you think would be the max size with this setup? Atm its been between 11’x13’ to 12’x13’ between the 2 house I have lived in. Thanks for your time.


  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,554
    DragonTech wrote: »
    Leads to my rear problem, I think it’s a tight fit

    Oh, the fun Michael Scott would have with this! :o

    Welcome to the forum DT! I don't have experience with that monitor series, but I will say that for the rear speakers, I wouldn't be as concerned with timbre matching the front soundstage, so that may open up options with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Also, if you don't want to permanently install something in the wall or ceiling, have you considered putting the rears to the sides and face them in towards the couch against the back wall (if that is even possible)? Additionally, the signal sent by your AVR to the rears is minimal, and can likely be calibrated to balance the room. So, I wouldn't worry about upstaging your front sound stage.

    I'm sure there are others here who can probably shed more light on the speakers you're asking about. Best of luck!
  • Thanks for the input, we are getting ready to buy our first home, still looking. I got told some news that has me thinking my placement and use of speakers. Off to make another post.

    this post can be closed, LOL.

    sorry, I have to find a way to make my speakers be nice / not focal point..........
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