Speaker Cables



  • ClipdatClipdat Posts: 4,971
    400 hours! Wow, that's a lot.
  • msgmsg Posts: 4,279
    Nice cables, AL! Curious to hear how you settle in with them.
    (autocorrect made you a state)
    I disabled signatures.
  • scubalabscubalab Posts: 2,457
    edited August 4
    I’ll let you know Scott. I plan to hook them up to my Music Hall integrated and let them get some hours on them.

    I think I still owe you an email - crazy couple weeks!

  • joecoulsonjoecoulson Posts: 975
    400 hours burn in for speaker cables. Wow
    I do like Zu. I have two power cords from them.
    Congrats sir
  • delkaldelkal Posts: 345
    400 hours? I guess you shouldn't use your tube amp for burn in.

    Looking forward to your review in a year or two.............
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