Need one MW-6509

Restoring 1986 SDA SRS 2's. Any of these drivers hiding in anybody’s closet out there? I just need one...

Upstairs 5.1.2:
Marantz NR1607, L/R - Modified Monitor 7C (194’s, Dynamat, Sonicaps, Mills, H-nuts), Center - Yamaha NS-C310, Surrounds/height/Atmos - (4x) Proficient in-ceiling, Sub - RBH TS10AN, Marantz DV7600

Downstairs 7.2.4:
Marantz SR6011, L/R B&W DM604, Center - RBH 700-CX, Surrounds - Monitor 5a (Peerless), Surround Back - Monitor 4a (Peerless), Height/Atmos - (4x) Polk RC60i, Sub#1 - JBL 12” frankespeaker, Sub#2 - Klipsch RSW12, Oppo BDP-95

2CH: Kenwood KA-8150, Adcom GFA 555, L/R - SDA SRS 2, RTA12C (194's), Klipsch KG4 with Crites upgrades

Cambridge Soundworks Amp
Monitor 4b (Peerless)

Monitor 10b (Peerless), Monitor 7b (Peerless), Monitor 5b (SL2000), Monitor 5b (SL1000), RTA8

Repair pile: SDA1b
...and more to come, it’s a sickness.
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