Need one MW-6509

Restoring 1986 SDA SRS 2's. Any of these drivers hiding in anybody’s closet out there? I just need one...

Current Collection:
Monitor 4a (Peerless), Monitor 4b (Peerless), Monitor 5a (Peerless), Monitor 5b (SL2000), Monitor 7b (Peerless), Modified Monitor 7c’s (194’s, Dynamat, Sonicaps, Mills, H-nuts), SDA CRS+ (SL2000), RTA12c (194's), SDA SRS 2 (SL2000)

Repair pile: SRS 3.1TL (198’s), RTA 11T's, (1) lonely RTA 11TL to become a center channel... someday...

Pairs that have passed through:
Monitor 5b (SL1000), Monitor 10a (Peerless), Monitor 10c (3x pair), RTA8, RTA8TL, SDA2, SDA2a, SDA1b, SDA SRS2

...and more to come, it’s a sickness.
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